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Our Programs

Wren and Willow Montessori provides an atmosphere that allows children to flourish and reach their fullest potential. Gentle guidance in a child-led environment ensures that our students are working at their own pace and on curriculum topics that ignite their passions.

Wren and Willow Montessori School offers many unique benefits in addition to an authentic Montessori curriculum prepared by trained and experienced teachers.

Nature Based
Naturally wooded and shaded, the nature area at Wren and Willow Montessori provides students with both open play and educational opportunities in the great outdoors. In addition to classroom work that can be used outside, the fenced play area offers students hands-on learning and the freedom to explore unique features such as our music wall, whole body painting experience,  water exploration and construction play.

Supports Executive Functioning and Habits of Mind

Wren and Willow Montessori offer experiences to help your child build a foundation for all their tomorrows. Executive function experiences give students the opportunity to manage themselves and their resources in order to achieve a goal. Our environment supports neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation. Wren and Willow also actively supports the 16 Habits of Mind that help your child practice thinking creatively when solving problems.

Loose Parts Play

Learning to think outside the box, problem solve,  and cooperate with others is the basis of loose parts play. The students at Wren and Willow Montessori will have access to a large loose parts library in which to explore, dream, create and experiment. Babies and toddlers will explore textures, shapes, weight, cause and effect, and more as our older students explore engineering, making a hypothesis, and testing out their inventions and ideas. This kind of play emphasizes creativity and builds our students into the innovators of tomorrow.

Enhancing Independence
By giving our students ownership of their environment, we bypass many of the struggles seen in traditional preschool or kindergarten environments. The students at Wren and Willow Montessori have lots of freedom within safe and secure boundaries. The students are able to explore their classroom and the outdoor environment freely while finding work that calls to them. By engaging in meaningful work, the students feel fulfilled,  proud of themselves, and happy.

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