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Willow House


Willow House is for our friends ages 6-weeks until 3-years-old.  Our classroom has a low ratio, 1 teacher to 5 students, because our job is to more than watch the children – but to nurture and love our children.   Our primary goals are to take care of our little ones, love them and help them discover – in a safe, peaceful environment.


We follow the pace of our unique little ones.  Infants and toddlers undergo incredible changes – emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  They are the absorbent mind and are constantly experiencing through all their senses. No two infants and/or toddlers will develop in the same exact way.  In Willow House, we prepare a peaceful, engaging, and loving setting to engage all their senses. With our youngest ones, we bring the world to them and nurture our children as they grow mobile and begin to explore on their own.


Our classroom uses natural materials to promote learning and development while also giving the children a sense of peace, order, security, and beauty. The environment is set so that we can bring the world to our youngest, non-mobile infants while also having space for our babies and toddlers to move and explore as they grow.  Movement is encouraged and not restricted in the classroom.  We have lots of open floor space and lower shelves for our little ones and spend lots of time in nature – the outdoors is its own unique classroom as well!

Come be a part of our family.

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